What Being An Au Pair Taught Me About Domestic Work and Privilege

Naptime With Yasmine

I was sitting on my bed in my dark, dungeon-esque room in the casa payesa that I was working as an au pair at, reading Rigoberta Menchu’s Me llamo Rigoberta Menchú y así me nació la conciencia (Unfamiliar? Read a summary here).

I was on the chapter “Sirvienta en la capital.” Going through the pages, I started to feel very angry. I was so frustrated. I hated everything that Menchu’s abusive “master” (it’s an appropriate word for the situation she was in) did and said to her.

I read the following line and for a second couldn’t breathe:

Y la senora todos los dias andaba vigilandome y me maltrataba mucho. Me trataba como que si fuera no se que, ni como un perro, pues al perro lo trataba bien. Al perro lo abrazaba. Entonces yo decia, “Pero ni siquiera me compara con el perro.

(And the woman every…

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Boston para festejar los 9


Sip, ya hace 9 meses que ando por estos lados de América. Es raro, porque al principio me sentía ansiosa por volver a ver a mis amigas, a mi familia, y obviamente tenia todas las ganas de que llegue el travelmonth. Pero desde que cambie de familia esa ansiedad se fue, y ahora lo único en lo que pienso es que sólo me quedan 3 meses, 86 días para ser exacta, para que mi vida de Au Pair acabe. Y no quiero. Sigue leyendo

What It Means To Be A ‘Sex Positive’ Au Pair

Naptime With Yasmine

When the little girl “accidently” touches my boobs any chance she gets (“oh, you see I meant to touch your shoulder/stomach/back…it was an accident, promise!”), I firmly respond, “You cannot touch anyone else’s body without them giving you permission.” When she sticks her hand up her butthole and then smells her fingers, I politely and calmly tell her that she “cannot do that in public. That is private and should be done where other people aren’t looking.”

Children Are Inquisitive Human Beings

Being an au pair is the first time in my life that I’ve spent significant time with a child. As the youngest of three girls, I was always the young one trying to act older than my age. I don’t have younger cousins and I don’t spend time with babies, infants or children. In short, up to this point I haven’t had anyone significant in my life that…

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